• Artist Research Centre
    Artists’ Film Screening
    Landscape selected by Alexandra Leykauf
  • 18 August 2017, 6.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Gallery 1

SCREENING: Artists’ Film – Landscape selected by Alexandra Leykauf

Kenneth Anger | Stan van der Beek | Marcel Broodthaers | Maya Deren | Ger van Elk | Simon FaithFull | Hollis Frampton | General Idea Alexandra Leykauf | Marie Menke | Toshio Matsumoto | William Raban | Margaret Tait | Pieter Vanderbeck | Bill Viola| Joyce Wieland

As part of her Fellowship research Alexandra Leykauf presents a collection of films focusing on her interest in the representation of landscape and how we come to understand, remember and articulate our relationship to the land. This collection of films will be presented over four screens as part of the Maximum Overdrive exhibition at Focal Point Gallery. Leykauf has devised a screening schedule which will feature films playing alongside each other creating a unique collage of image and sound resonating with her conception that the very idea of a landscape is something conjured from layers and fragments of the past filtered through combined notions of culture, history and society.

Join us at Focal Point Gallery on Friday 18 August at 6.00pm for drinks to celebrate the launch this programme and hear Leykauf discuss her selections for the the show.

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