Southend Shorts

Big Screen Southend is pleased to present a monthly screening programme to detail the work of local artists, filmmakers and students based in Southend-on-Sea or across South Essex.

As part of an open-call process, each select submission is awarded a 1 month slot for a daily screening of the work as part of Big Screen Southend’s commitment to the engagement of moving image in the public realm.

Southend Shorts can be viewed on Big Screen Southend daily at 12.00pm and 2.00pm.

Sophie Bird
29 January to 26 February
'Dust to Dust' 2016

Played by the London Improvisers Orchestra, 'Dust to Dust' presents an undiluted translation of experimental music. Dismantling any aspects of seriousness, musicians improvise to a score made from dissipated foreign waste matter. The performance fuels a dialogue that questions the role of mechanical reproduction and its effect on our aesthetic experience. Formerly unique to a particular time and place, the work can be now be viewed at the same time in many different places. Ultimately, technology provides a vehicle for expanding the boundaries of human perception and communication.

Sophie Bird graduated from the BA Fine Art programme at South Essex College, Southend-on-Sea, in 2016.

Rose Cleary
27 February - 24 March
'UNILEVER', 2016

Until 2012, Unilever, the multinational consumer goods company, sponsored the Tate galleries with a £4.4million programme of artist commissions. Tino Seghal’s "These Associations" was the final commission - during which Cleary worked as a gallery assistant at Tate Modern.

“These Associations” was a choreographed performance, but was stated to function purely through spontaneity - which itself depended on the gallery’s controlled environment to be successful. Dressed in Tate uniform, Cleary draws on this experience, reciting observations and corporate information surrounding the performance. “UNILEVER” (2016) is an address on the realities of art in the public sphere, conveying the underlying cynicism of contemporary institutions.

“UNILEVER” was originally performed for "I am NOT Tino Seghal", Nahmad Projects, London, 2016.

Harry Coday
27 March – 30 April
'Panta Rhei (Everything Flows)'