Big Screen Southend is committed to supporting the work of emerging artists and filmmakers in accordance with the gallery programme. Since September 2013 these have included:

Michael Allars
Alison Ballance
Diann Bauer
Verity Birt
Sophie Bird
Rebecca Birch
Hannah Black
Stuart Bowditch
Savinder Bual
Leah Capaldi
David Charlesworth
George Charman
Phil Coy
Harry Coday
Rose Cleary
Julia Crabtree and William Evans
Milo Creese
Cynthia Cruz and Simon Howlett
Ollie Dook
Benedict Drew
Volker Eichelmann
Eva Fàbregas
Joey Holder
Georgia Hollands
Jefford Horrigan
Bryony Hussey
Heejin Jang
Adam Knight
Sean Lavelle
John Lawrence
Tom Lock

Hilary Lloyd
Georgia Lucas-Going
Genevieve Lutkin
Charlotte Meldon
Rebecca Moss
Marianne Murray
Alistair Oldham
Laura O'Neill
Yuri Pattison
Lucy Pawlak
Ruth Philo
Seth Pimlott
Nastassja Simensky
Peter Simpson
Tilly Shiner
Christopher Ian Smith
Rhea Storr
Camille Summers-Valli
Oliver Sutherland
Renee Vaughan Sutherland
Ian Villiers
Jennifer West
Richard Whitby
Lucy Woodhouse
Gillian Wylde
Rafal Zjako